Ride 24 charity cycle race

Next weekend we’ll be massaging at Ride24, a 24-hour charity cycle race organized by Action Medical Research. What does 24 hours of cycling mean for the massage team? 24 hours of massage – almost as tough as the event itself!

Cyclists can enter the event as individuals or as a team of up to four. I worked at the event last year and the individuals racers were pretty much in the saddle for the whole 24 hours, stopping only for food, the call of nature and very quick massages to ease achey quads.

As you can imagine, cycling for 24 hours is tough. It puts a lot of stress on leg muscles, particularly the quads, hamstrings and glutes that provide the power in the saddle. The leaning forward stance often leads to lower back and shoulder aches and pains, too. But that’s where the massage team come in: we’ll be there throughout the day and night to keep the riders going, using a combination of deep tissue massage, mobilisation work and Kinesio taping.

Drop in if you’re going to be taking part – we’re a very friendly bunch!




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