Sports massage

Sports massageSports injuries and niggles are common, particularly if you’ve taken up a new sport or started pushing your body a bit more, and sports massage is a brilliant way to both treat and prevent injury.

Sports injuries
I use deep tissue massage techniques coupled with strengthening and flexibility rehabilitation exercises to help get you back on track. I can also use acupuncture to treat areas of tension and can offer Kinesio taping to help support muscles or drain localised swelling following injury.

Preventing injury
Unless you’re biomechanically sound, stretch like we all know we should, use a foam roller religiously and have lady luck on your side, you’re likely to get injured at some point. Your muscles suffer microtrauma each time you lift weights in the gym or go for your training run and it’s a perfectly normal occurance after activity. But you’ll be blissfully unaware of what’s going on beneath the surface until the repeated microtrauma builds to a point where you begin to feel pain. Regular massage and stretching works through these areas of tension before they develop, helping to prevent injury and keep soft tissues healthy.

Helpful videos:
Stretching exercises
Strengthening & stability exercises
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